BBQ Titmasters Part 3 -.. –


Kleio wished to be friendly with her contest and is the sweetest girl that is southern, but Sheena stops from trying to sabotage her dry rub spices – just what a bitch! With her spices destroyed and stressed she was going to shed (not to Necro, who was knocked out for sucking cooking), she advised Titmaster judge Will Powers regrettably what happened. Fortunately, she still had a chance at winning because shes got something others dont – THE most outstanding set of breasts (and actual BBQing gift )! Like Wills daddy told him BBQing is to get eatin theys to get touchin, like tits. And whatdya know – Kleio got to try some cockmeat along with also a Texas Bath herself! Win/win.

Date: September 11, 2019
Category: Piercing & Tatto

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