Beautiful curvy blonde Crystal Frost and I have escaped and bound usbut sadly our arms are all tied thus viciously tight behind their backs. It had been bad enough having our elbows crushed with our wrists bound and rope behind our backs. So that our hands have been the creep also taped thumbs and our hands together with black tape. He made sure we couldn&acute. We start to conducted throughout the old deserted factory. But the way was blocked by a locked door. So we ran and turned weaving around heaps and piles of debris and trash. Once we came to another door as well as this one wasn & severe; t secured, we dared to hope for liberty, but without the use of our hands it was difficult to find the door open. Crystal managed to find the foot of her high heel and was able to pry it open. We ran into another section of the building filled with corridors and doors. We began to get feverish and duped to our gags for aid kicking at the door and peering from. But is was hopeless – our attempts to get out of the building that is deserted were unworthy. After running around in circles and into blocked and locked doors Crystal and I finally collapsed exhausted to the ground leaning on each other for comfort and sobbing and crying in the ropes with no hope of escape.

Date: October 23, 2019
Category: General porn

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