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Maserati is prepared for action when she returns to get a solo! Outfitted enjoy the hottest mama in town, practically bursting out of her tight pink frilly top and ruffly panties, her coiffure pink-streaked and vibrantly fitting her pink lipstick, then she is prepared to make you blow off 1 load after another because you gaze upon her antics with her knockeriffic 36H rack! Till she unveils her melons together with their dark nipples, miss M introduces herself along with her upfront. She squeezes her tits. Because she cried her lips 23, standing with her hands on her hips, she is a stack of woman. She presents her curvy gams also, and now then we view how the smooth pink of her pumps by leg and foot worshippers! As her jugs stands out with their allure of overall hypnosis our woman stretches out to the outside couch, along with her dildo in hand! LOOK INTO MY NIPPLES, if Maserati stated! You’re UNDER MY POWER! We would become her slaves! Meanwhile, she prepares the dildo to her grab with her mouth, then cramming her cunny with all the toy. Maserati takes her panties down, stands out, and shows us her gorgeous bum. She fucks herself and into doggie style, never needing to tweak her nipples squeeze her sleeves as she squats on her toy and allows it fulfill her twat and buzz against her clit. The end of her scene comes with the inevitable”astronomy lesson” What do I really mean by that? Only this: when any model has bodies to get knockers, then it is definitely Maserati because she looms on the camera using these two colossal planets that she puts daily in her own sweaters and bras. Look up in the skies in the shots, and all you can see are Maserati!!’s breasts She is currently our Model of the Day. Read more

Date: December 18, 2018
Actors: Maserati
Category: Outdoors

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