Interview with a Foot Fetish.. –


Thus… you describe yourself as a”Foot Fetish Dominatrix”. What does that involve? My pick band of quite wealthy clients are permitted to see me for one hour and focus on my feet, especially my bottoms, for which I’m best known….Hywel & Ariel´s notice: poor Ariel. She plays with a good deal of roles modelling for our sites but this one is about as far from the comfort zone as anything. In real life &intense;s entirely submissive, she doesn´t do any sort of sessions, also being a dominatrix is about the worst job imaginable for her. This meeting is completely fictional, according to small bits of dialog we´t had with a few friends who actually are dominatrices. It simply looked like a popular idea for a video:–RRB- It was Hywel&severe .

Date: August 16, 2019
Actors: Ariel Anderssen
Category: Foot fetish

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