My First Client –


Scene Traumatized Customer Damon Dice needs a Great Deal of therapy Now.

He had been engaged in a bicycle accident and his penis has never been the same regardless of what medication he has been prescribed, since. Melissa May might be what he needs to get a complete recovery. Shy and shy, Melissa remains professional with Damon, promising him she will do everything she can to receive his manhood functioning again. Damon is flushed and shy but she let’s him know it is all part of the procedure. He lays on the desk bare, and his body is massaged by Melissa softly with care and care. Damon is not any longer flaccid, demonstrating great results thus. Melissa is proud of himself, also asks Damon consent to suck his penis. Damon becomes aroused with all the pleasure he will finally feel again, however Melissa realized she screwed up and not able to begin his second therapy. She asks Damon to turn over to finish her treatment and apologizes. Sucking his cock through the hole, Melissa admits Damon’s penis is turning her and asks permission to masturbate while she proceeds with his remedy. Melissa is indeed in love with her patients cock she deep throats it. She sucks on his cock motivating him and soon enough he pulls a load. Greatly satisfied, Damon schedule a second appointment for second week with Melissa. Do you really think she did for the very first time?

Date: February 3, 2020
Category: Blonde

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