I drag coed Terra to the abandoned basement of the college. Acute & she;s been very very bad girl and I plan to punish her into behaviour that is good and submission. Her elbows are taped smashed along behind her back with duct tape and that the tape is wrapped over and below her tits. I XXXX her shove a major rag into her mouth that is rebellious and to sit down onto a bench. I secure the gag in tightly with more duct tape wrapped around her face. Terra sobs into the gag, but it’s no use!! She’s here to learn a lesson. Your dad sent you here to my school for wayward girls and when you return home you will be compliant and docile. The young fiesty girl bends so that her butt is exposed sticking out of her school girl skirt. You need tape missy!! I tape her thighs up to the seat ensuring her legs are spread wide apart. Acute, terra &;s eyes widen in dread when I pick up the paddle and then show her what&intense;s forthcoming. From paddling her ass, her hands struggling and grab my arms trying to stop me. A glowing pink!! turns I remedy it by incorporating black tape around and about her fingers making them helpless. Time to your paddling!!! I pull Terra´s arms using a string attached to a pulley transferring them completely off her buttocks and also the punishment starts…

Date: February 4, 2020
Category: General porn

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