Intense & it;s severe, my guy & ;s birthday and I want to do something special. I call an escort service to hire a girl to perform a strip tease before Jim. In walks hot woman Roxanne Rae from the bureau sporting a short denim mini skirt, thigh high stockings, a top and heels. Jim waits in a chair in the center of the space. Roxanne informs Jim that touching is not permitted, before she starts her dancing. She begins her teasing dancing and Jim attempts to catch her. He is warned by roxanne and she continues to dance provactively in a totally come-on way. Again Jim catches acute & the woman;therefore ass and tits. Roxanne quits dancing and allow &severe me understand I need to do something to include Jim or she will leave. I grab a bit of rope and tie his hands behind her backagain. I tell Roxanne which I need to bind her wrists as well so that the dance is sensual. Roxanne allow & extreme; therefore me tie her wrists behind her back and reluctantly agrees . Roxanne continues to tease dancing and he stands up, grabs her and throws her just as she turns her back to give Jim a tease of her buttocks where’s ties her elbows tightly together. Extreme & it;s time to teach the bitch a lesson. Jim is so strong that it is hopeless, although pretty Roxanne tries to create a fight. Jim pulls her panties off and stuffs them and then seals them with a great deal of tape. He binds her ankles and lets her battle on the couch. She wiggles down to the ground where she desperately attempts to loosen the knots. Jim comes over with another rope. Roxanne&intense;s eyes widen in horror and he wraps the rope and yanks it up really between her ass cheeks and tightly through her pussy lips. Poor Roxanne cries in pain, but Jim reveals no mercy. We choose to market the girl and we set her into more civilian clothing for transport. I dress her in the skin tight jeans, a crop top and stiletto high heels. We’ve got her hands cuffed tightly behind her back and Jim XXXX a ballgag into her mouth. He pushes her into the back seat and drags her out. We go into our hideout. In the abandoned warehouse her legs are cuffed by us and attach her wrists into a hook. Jim cranks the winch till severe & Roxanne;s arms are at a strappado and then we leave to fight while we arrange for the sale of her. The purchaser will come to take Roxanne off and then we strip her down to her panties, thigh high heels and sexy high heels. Her wrists are bound in front of her and she struggles to get free. Jim spreads her wrists and ballgags the poor thing. He ties her ankles crossed uncomfortably and then now we allow her fight until the slavers come for her.

Date: October 8, 2019
Category: General porn

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