Crushed under Miss Madison’s.. –


Her slave was surprised when Miss Madison walked into the room, asking her “HowA’s your little princess?” She strikes him with her flogger, before grabbing the towel from his head. He immediately falls on the floor and she sits down. He responds by saying that he had been having dreams about his genitals. He licks her hole and she then tells him to breathe. Then he sits on top of his head. He kicks her and she then flips him around a little, before he turns to face forward. He sits down so she can lick his pussy. But, she sat high enough to cover his nose and mouth. You can see Miss MadisonA’s pussy and anorexic body through the mirror. The slave will feel maximum pressure when she lifts her legs off the bench. Her legs and feet are shown off in some amazing angles. The slave kicks desperately for air and she gets an expression of total calm.

Date: August 15, 2022
Category: Kinky Fetish

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