Double – Bagged (BONUS) –

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PD is fine enough to attract Aged Cunt (Sister Dee) a friend. New Cunt (Dia Zerva) believes she is here for a modeling gig until Old Cunt tells her she’s been held captive for a few days. New Cunt immediately learns that the best times are if PD is away. He just comes around for a couple reasons…After PD yields the first time, he reveals New Cunt exactly what ’so coming. Old Cunt understands a nice dose of bastinado as she screams via a gag. When he comes for New Cunt, he pulls her dress up and begins beating her buttocks. Much like Old Cunt, she’s jump thus throughly, she cannot move away in the cane.The Two Cunts become One because they spend the upcoming few days tied together. What will PD do using twice the total sum of lady meat? Think about turning them from each other by providing relief in the torture and cock-sucking if the other Cunt requires a turn?

Date: December 24, 2018
Actors: Dia Zerva
Category: Bondage

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