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Somewhere along the line the parents of all Gwen Diamond fucked up big time. The apple of the eyes thought it would be a great idea to venture to the local smut shop with a purse full of money. Gwen has watched her talk of interracial pornography but never in a location with different patrons. The walls of the location were covered with graffiti that rivaled the walls outside. The extreme images on the television were a lot of for Gwen to ignore and she used her manicured fingers to rub that oozing pussy. Gwens lungs worked overtime as one orgasm followed a different and a black penis was soon staring into her. The appearance on Gwens face says it and her lips were giving that black cock THE blowjob of blowjobs. You may see his black cock convulsing as hes ready to blow his load but Gwen has other ideas for his dick. Facing another wall Gwens drenched catch backs upward like tow truck around the enormous meat hanging in the gap in the wall. The fortunate black guy behind the wall is at Gwens mercy as far as speed is worried. This newest black cock whore goes from dull to complete throttle on her very first black cock which almost makes her. With booth rental period coming to a near Gwen uses mouth and hands to drain every last drop of cum out of these black chunks.

Date: January 2, 2019
Actors: Gwen Diamond
Category: 1 on 1

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