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It’s been awhile, yes? It took me a while to go on vacation before it got too bad. But, I ended up having one of those trips that I regret not taking. My long-term boyfriend was cheating on my and I ended the relationship. He was caught on camera sexing with two maids in two hotels. He had been with me for many years and I’ve never wanted to leave him. My pussy is crying lately, and needs to be touched. Suzanne, one of my former girlfriends told me she had also broken up with her boyfriend. She said that she has only ever been with girls since then and we agreed to have some fun together. Susanne was on her knees and Suzanne on mine. She picked up the white chocolate pumps and began to lick it. The chocolate tasted great and the texture felt soft. Suzanne got in doggy, and I grabbed the chocolate pump. Suzanne raised her foot and began to rub it all over my eager puss. Suzanne gave me a small piece of chocolate and I gave her a little taste. I then poured the creamy filling onto my ass and slowly licked up. The creamy filling was spread along the bottom of Suzanne’s leg, then I licked it up from her calves. Suzanne was holding my foot so I grabbed it and creamed them. Then I took her toes and slowly sucked them one by one. I then spread chocolate onto her bottom and then licked her feet. Suzanne sat on her knees, and I removed her bra. I then started to rub her tits and play with them from the back. Then I reached down for her shoe and began sucking and licking all over. After rubbing her shoe with her tits and quickly getting some rise from her nipples, Suzanne grabbed me by the foot and began sucking and licking my toes. Suzanne reached out and pulled a chocolate truffle from the inside of her shoe, placing it between my toes. I raised my leg to rub my other foot against hers and began to teasingly kiss her toes. Suzie grabbed my other foot and began sucking, while I continued to lick the chocolate pumps. Suzanne approached me, and she began to kiss me. I took down my bra strap, and then she removed my bra. Suzanne began to rub my legs while I played with the pumps. She was being quite rough, but she kept going. I grabbed the heel off her and played with it while Suzanne licked my legs. Doggy followed me up, and Suzanne climbed on my knees behind me. I got up, and Suzanne rubbed her foot on the bottom of her feet. It was warm, soft, and beginning to feel damp. Suzanne pulled me up onto my knees, then began to lick my entire body. I then sat down and took my panties off. Then I lay down on my back. Suzanne reached for a small piece of chocolate, and placed it between my toes and foot. She then began making horrible sounds and licking my feet and toes. She was making every move perfectly, even though it’s so long ago that she had touched my feet. My other foot was lifted up and I began to lick my toes. Suzanne continued to lick and suckle on my feet. Suzanne continued sucking and licking my toes, so I laid on my back. She then opened her mouth and stuck half of my foot in there. Then she licked my bottom like a little girl. Suzanne’s pants were pulled down so I got up. Suzanne leaned forward to lick my bottom. As I was sucking on my toes and eagerly licking her horny twat, she licked all over me. Suzanne drew near me, picking up exactly where Suzanne left off and licking her bottom. I was happy to gulp on the big smiley clit. Suzanne lay down. I grasped her foot and began to rub her legs. Spreading her legs out, I began to lick her pink wet slot and around her hole. After taking a small bite, I smear the chocolate on my puss and continued to lick her. After I had removed her chocolate-flavored snatch from my tongue, I laid down and Suzanne reached for my foot. She started to lick and slobber up my toes. Then I lifted her foot to mine and began doing the same. My foot was rubbed on my pussy by me, and I rubbed hers with mine. She did the exact same thing and continued to rub hers up and down her wet pussy. Suzanne reached for the pump, dumped out the truffles and then tried to stuff her foot in. We licked one piece of broken shoe and began to kiss. My foot was lifted and we both licked our toes together. Then we laid down on our backs, rubbed our cunts, and then we sucked on our toes.

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Date: August 14, 2022
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