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Were presented with a different black chick prowling for some arbitrary cock….white penis! Layton Benton obtained her fix at, and shes back to take her filthiness into the next level. The busty black beauty found out about this vile public restroom via a recent internet search, and shes here in order to see whether the hoopla is legit or not. Once inside, Layton scopes out the area before a random white penis joins the massive breasted sluts celebration. Layton drops to her knees does exactly everything she does best: slurp down on an anonymous white boys dick. Laytons enormous tits rub up that hasnt been washed in ages. . .and she couldnt care less. Layton has been suck that white boy until his cock comes in. Thats a huge NO in Layons publication of random cock. The dark beauty takes the condom off and goes totally raw on a cock she only met moments before. How could this day get any dirtier? How about Layton composed all crackers cum until his nuts are completely drained? And thats just what youll see.

Date: January 1, 2019
Actors: Layton Benton
Category: 1 on 1

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