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Chastity cages are just not restrictive enough. Miss Harley finds great pleasure from watching her slaves suffer while locked into chastity. His cock is locked in the razor spike cage, each metallic spike causes agony on his cock. Since the servant attempts to get vertical the situation turns from orders and uncomfortable to painful!Harley Dean sits on the slaves face he worship her ass, he tries not to get excited, but he cannot control his erection. His cock strikes against the spikes and pre cum oozes from his shaft. Harley laughs and would like to see if she can create his cock harder. She licks on the cage, his throbbing erection gently touches between the bars of the cage. As he suffers she giggles!

From: 21sextury.com
Date: July 5, 2020
Actors: Candy
Category: Face sitting

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