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Jessica Kay got to the gig believing that if she hung around long enough then perhaps O.T. would detect her and decide to use her in precisely the identical manner he does all of the models which come on the set. She doesn't want to be on video, she doesn’t have an interest in being a celebrity, but Jessica wishes to be dominated and she has been obsessed with being. Her strategy is simple, if she dresses like a slut enough afterward O.T. won't be able to help himself. So she believes. Well, it pays off once, but not at the way that she thinks. Sure, O.T. uses her, but it includes conditions. She isn'will be strutting wearing skirts so that her panties glimpse . She'll be professional and fine. But Jessica isn't even a quitter. She wants to be dominated and she'll do whatever is required to make it happen. Sure , things begin slipping through the cracks and she wants to be penalized. Metal bondage, corporal punishment, and much more than a few orgasms are coming to her. It may be counter productive and simply invite her to mess up more, but O.T. is tired of her moan about so when nothing else works he is going to give her what she needs than she'll understand how to manage.

From: Wiredpussy.com
Date: July 7, 2020
Actors: Wenona
Category: Bondage

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