Bryan –


“Im normally up by 4:30 a.m.,” Bryan explained. “Today I slept in 6 a.m. thats so late ! “Hes on the crew team at his school and he loves getting up early for training. “Its so cool,” he explained. “Out there until the morning fog has burned off. “Bryans got a lot happening. Hes got a complete program at college, using a full scholarship for crew and monitor. “I can see you jogging course,” I commented. “However, I kind of image that you as a basketball player.” “Yeah, I played basketball in high school,” he responded. “I was on varsity. However, I dont have time for this today. “Bryan likes to chase girls and he has one kind specifically. “I love redheads,” he explained. “‘m a sucker for redheads.” “Why is that?” “I dunno… I think perhaps its because theyre competitive. They like to maintain control.” “You enjoy that?” “Oh yeah,” he said. “I kind of enjoy being submissive!”

Date: August 15, 2019
Actors: Bryan
Category: Gay porn

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