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Diesel Washington is back in the home this week; and the just one more happy to see Diesel is this months costar Marxel Rios. Diesel is 41 and from New York. Diesels had a thriving career in the industry and even though the persona as a tough top attracted him, he played with much fan fare hes only a enjoying softy. Marxel is relatively new to the biz. Hes 26 years old and from Ft. Lauderdale, FL. We asked these studs exactly what their favorite TV show or personality was. Marxel enjoys Family Guy and particularly Stewie in drag. Ooooh! Diesels favorite Superhero will be Silver Surfer; but admits he loves Family Guy. Hes a Quagmire person . Marxels understood what he liked after his first sexual encounter with a different boy when he was a lad on a youth sleep above. He awakened to find his very best buddy rock. He got too and they just did what felt natural. Those sleepovers get you every time. For Diesel, being 66 and lookin like that he does, it made it more challenging to emerge as a gay man. When folks see a man they believe Alpha male and though I’ve got those traits Diesel smiles we all have to be loved. Awww. Get in line, boys!Marxel is looking for something hes dropped when Diesel walks and is greeted by the observable of Marxels buttocks in the atmosphere. Searching for something? Diesel inquires as he comes in for a look. Yeah, Im looking for a control Marxel states. So am I Diesel grins because he reaches Marxels buttocks and grabs his cock and balls. Someones discovered that the controller they were searching for since Diesel gets that cock and gets Marxel on his feet and into his mouth. Marxel moans as he puts his dick polished by Diesel who likes to suck on dick. He works that hard cock as Marxel begins to fuck that face of hisor her Diesel shoves that dick deep that he gags on it as he starts to jack and pulls his own cock out. Diesels cock is rock hard and needing a little attention as he lays back and allows Marxel return the favor. Marxel gets on that black dick and requires just as much of it as he can, attempting to please his buddy that is sexy. As he swirls his fist he bobs his head up and down. Diesel and Marxel then get into a 69 because Marxel swallows that dick and Diesel investigates that ass getting it prepared for more than his tongue. Diesel watches as his cock straddles and impales himself and subsequently matches up. Because it takes Diesels dick in all the way that bum slowly concedes. Because he spreads still getting used to it in him marxel then begins to ride that dick. Diesel holds his tight ass and begins to pound up that dick Marxel requires that fucking like a champ. As Diesel continues to slam his fat dick up inside this 18, marxel holds himself. Because he gets up buried inside him to change position diesel stays on to Marxel. Marxel bounces on his dick as he stands up before turning around and sitting back on the bed. Marxels buttocks never gives that candy cock as Diesel lays back and has Marxel ride him. Marxel bounces on this dick harder and faster since he begins to feel that familiar tingle and it does the trick. He cant hold back any more and starts to shoot his load still riding Diesels meat. He lies on his back as his chest straddles and gives him a hot cream facial drenching which confront repeatedly with his load.

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Date: March 17, 2020
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