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Getting Stoned is the weeks episode’s name. The one getting Stoned would be fan favorite Doug Jeffries. Doug has graced our website before, and hes amassed quite the next. Doug is the Daddy dream with looks and a build like this. Doug is out of and 43 Los Angeles. He’s always a pleasure to work with and by matching him up with a steamy Latin costar we decided to demonstrate our appreciation. Getting Stoned never seemed so good. Were of course talking of sexy John Stone. John is 22 and a Florida native. This combination Papi has been on our site a period or 2 ; but the twain had fulfilled. Well, luckily we know. Luckily, we just set them in a room togetherthe chemistry did the remainder. Doug has been making films for about 13 years now and has really the repertoire from the business. He laughs when he remembers doing nearly 2 per day, videos back when he started. Now its that is mostly work. John smiles as he acknowledges hes but they did put him insure he beams. Times have changed and in a few their pace will be changed by these two; since they have to know each other. Any objections?Doug helps John relax by massaging his neck and shoulders. John yells and moans as Doug turns out the knots in his shoulders before he peels off his laps. His hands roam into his chest prior to becoming John to lie down face, so he can have access to shoulders and his back. At least, thats exactly what we believed. It isnt long before Doug reaches under john, undoes his trousers , and pulls them off. Johns beefy ass comes into view and what a spectacular view it is. Prior to continuing his massage this time doug wastes time he sends into his tongue for reinforcement. Doug slips into Johns smooth buttocks tongue first as John coos his admiration. Johns buttocks has Doug intoxicated as he spreads his beefy cheeks apart exposing his tight hole until fingering it a little. John then moves over and gives Doug accessibility to the muscle he has yet to work. No stress has that covered as he slides Johns hard cock right down his throat. John slap his prick around face and Dougs tongue and watches as Doug sucks his cock and cant help but pull out. He then stands to properly face fuck Doug. Mmmm. Whats for supper, Mr. Jeffries?Now its own Dougs twist as he stands and provides Johns mouth something to operate on. John sucks on Dougs cock, getting his cock stone hard for the fun to follow along. John laps. Doug suits up and moves right into place behind John, minutes before slipping his rock hard cock home. Johns ass gives means to its own intruder, and Doug is fucking his ass deep. Fucking that ass good? Doug grunts as John groans in delight. Doug continues to pummel his thick meat in and from Johns ass and out of where Dougs kneeling, the opinion is mad. Doug sticks John on his back and pulls out. He glides back his thick cock right inside this ass and lifts those meaty thighs. John strokes his cock as his ass continues to have a pounding a couple inches below. Dougs picks up the pace shoving his dick in heavier and faster as his ass falls and climbs into Johns sexy ass. You close? Before immediately pulling out to jack his heavy load off alongside 15, He inquires. John is the first to dismiss off as he explodes all over his torso and abdomen. Doug isnt much behind as he explodes shooting at blast all. Whew. If these two had really been attracted to each other imagine!

Date: February 9, 2020
Category: Gay porn

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