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I met with Logan at a very unusual way.I had posted a help wanted advertisement because weve been very active around here and that I had a manufacturing position I needed to fill. Logan is hes in the video business, although straight so he applied for the project. How good looking he is astounded me when he arrived for his interview. Therefore, following the meeting I asked him whether he would be interested in posing for us.Turns he has been thinking about doing adult movies for some time. So I advised him to come in for a shoot a few days later.A day prior to the shoot that he called and said there was a problem. He told me he didnt think that he would hold off until the following moment and that he had been sexy. I had been turned on with the concept of a hot straight man trying to get off, so I told him to come on over and then we did this video.Logan had never done a video like this earlier but hes a very sexual guy and you’ll be able to tell hes into it. It wouldnt surprise me if he ended up being a porn star someday.

From: Seancody.com
Date: January 13, 2020
Actors: Logan
Category: Gay porn

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