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We’ve got a surprise since we pair up EBD fan favourite Alexander Greene with hot Alex Adams who finally comes home to the BIG 28,, this week. Alex Adams is from hes and Baltimore young. Alexander climbed up between Jersey and Miami and his sexy self is 22 years old. When they had the very same reactions from women and men when it came time to using their cocks we requested these two. They both concur that there are size queens on both sides of the weapon but men are worse. Some men wont take it unless its huge smiles Alex. Apparently some girls arent as willing when they’ve too much to use. Alexander guarantees us that both may take care of his dick just fine. Everything depends on the person and not the gender. Possessing these studs both concur as it is put by Alexander; yet they prefer a huge dick and dicks has its own advantages : Im not a whole size queen or something It looks good. Who can argue with logic like this? We convinced cant. Alexander and alex are shootin the shit talkin and Alexander confesses he cant be tied down to one. Alex tells that each and every time he sees a huge penis he seem to restrain himself and him hes single. Alexander grins and tells. Alex wastes time before exploring thoroughly. This naturally means hes on his knees with Alexanders prick down his throat right away. Who can blame him? Alexander yells as he watches Alex throat easily slides down. As Alex grasps for air unable to get enough of 19, he bobs his head on that monster penis. As Alexander assists Alex get out of his pants they wake up and begin to make out. He wishes to return the favor as Alex fat cock springs free. Alexander gets down and swallows it whole since Alex yells his admiration. Alexander fucks his neck with Alex fat cock although its own throbbing. This fat cocks gonna require more. Alex bends Alexander over and slides his fat cock deep inside their jock ass. Alexander moans because he receives that bum owned by out Baltimore boy. As he fucks Alexander design, his balls smack away at that ass. Then they switch as Alexander sits back also contains Alex sit on his dick. Fuck its so big! As he does his very best to take that dick in him, alex grimaces. Shortly hes riding that cock like a veteran as Alexander revels in the sensation. Alex cock is bouncing as he rides that cock difficult getting the occasional reach around. The celebration heads south off there since Alexander fucks him silly in missionary and gets Alex on his back. He drops away at the bum heavy and hard and cock batters that place . Oh fuck me as Alexander obliges he begs. Alex blows his wad all over his abs. Alexander pulls his own out cock and jacks his load all.

Date: November 13, 2019
Category: Gay porn

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